Training to Control Dog Bark

images (7) Growl…..Dogs bark for several reasons :

1. Dogs bark to remind the owner to open the door for alien invaders , or warning intruders.

2. Dogs bark to request somethings, and do to it now, for example, “open the door to let out”, “watch me”, “I want to see other dog friend”, etc…

3. When other dogs bark to it, or dog is in the environment with disturbance, they will bark , said: “I feel very dangerous here , do not close ! ”

4. When the dogs feel very boring or lack of exercise or social, they will also bark.

There are several methods to control the dogs bark, but we should focus on the reasons behind the bark. The main purpose of the training exercise is to let dogs to understand “bark” and “quiet” instruction. First of all, when you find your dogs started barking issue, issue a command  “quiet” to stop it, and give some dog food for awards. You can arrange the following procedures.

1. You may need assistants to help you to push door bells (or other method) to make dog bark ;
2. When Dog bark, appreciation for dogs : ” barking well “, and then Issue the command ” quiet ” ;
3. Present some dog food for awards.

Dog’s attention will be attracted by the food reward. When Dog appears 3-5 seconds quiet, immediately appreciated dogs ” well behaved quiet “. When the dog is completely quiet , 3-5 seconds after the food reward to it.

Repeat the above action. Slowly extend the “quiet” time , up to one minute so far.

images (5)Repeat the above training until the dog understand the training requirements . When the dogs stop darking, it means that it understands training requirements, then you do not need to use any door bell sounds. When it obeys your commands and calms down, you also do not need to give a food and you can give it the winning appreciation.  If it is in a quiet period, issuing bark on it saying ” drag drag .” Then , recalculate quiet time , training dogs to calm down , to get the food reward .

If the owner is fully trained for dogs barking and quiet, then, they can control dogs in a real environment. Some owners often make a mistake because they do not provide adequate training before trying to use the quiet command. First few trials , the dogs may not be right to react this command, but do not give up, prepare some of the food reward it. Repeat giving it to shows the food reward and re-training of dogs.

Request bark

If dogs barking ask to go out, the owner should never make concessions, otherwise you will never be able to change the habit of barking dogs. Teach dogs to understand that only lie down , quiet, and stop barking in order to obtain the owner’s appreciated.

Lonely barking

This is a very common barking. When the dog is barking , never approached it ‘s side, at least until it is quiet for 30 seconds or more. So as to allow dogs barking understand it is not going to get the master commended. When you are just keeping a dog or puppy , you must set a good habit to it

If your dog has been to develop the habit of barking. So you have to repeatedly ask your dog that your discontent and send it to blame.

Dogs are very social animals, they can not tolerate prolonged solitude . If you need to work all day, you might consider keeping a dog more, please daytime assistant or ask a worker to lead the dogs during lunch outings .

Note : If your dog barks too much, and reached the level of anxiety, you may need to consider drugs, Please contact your professional trainer or veterinarian , listen to their views .

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