Socializing Dog Around People

dogtrain4When socializing dog around people, do not force your dog to allow petting if he is uncomfortable with it. He should be allowed to view rambunctious children, people with an unnatural gait (such as with a cane or crutches), people with hats and big jackets all from a distance. As he gets more comfortable with viewing them, you can slowly close the distance between your pup and the people. This will build his trust in you and he will become relaxed around people of all sizes, shapes, loudness and movements.

dogtrain5Your canine companion greatly depends on you for this greatly needed education. Without his socialization he can become unhappy as an adult, but he will not know why! A tall man with a hat may send him into a barking fit, making him seem aggressive when he’s merely acting out of fear. Or perhaps some children running down the road may over excite him and he will pull hard on the leash, dragging you behind him. If he is taught as a young pup to relax around this kind of arousal, he will be the perfect little furry friend for you and your family.


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