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NA201210231112320082-02-900024I am a dog lover, especially love Schnauzers. In year 1993, I fed my first Schnauzer, called mui mui, which from new born puppy to thirteen years old. My first dog was died because of renal failure. I spent three years to recover from sadness. Three years after my first dog passed away, I fed my second Suhnauzers, called sweet sweet. It is three years old now. Both dogs were very lovely, and I treated them as our family member like my daughter, but not only a puppy. My first dog did not get ear cop, but my second dog got ear-cop which I thought it was more beautiful.

I thought my first dog did not have long life because of eating too many artificial dog food, so that I started to prepare home-made dog food for my second dog. I will share my way to prepare dog-food in this web site for your reference. I hope my second dog can enjoy its happy life longer & healthy.

picute20120903192627My second dog is lovely but naughty. When I brought it out-door, it would be very excited. Especially, when it met other dogs, it would brake seriously and rush towards it. Sometimes, it made other dogs felt dislike, and it was a very embarrassing situation. Hence, I thought it should get training to improve its behavior. Provided dog Training from its young is better. I also advise those dog owners to learn or provide dog training as early as possible, so that I will promote some dog training product to you in this web site. I hope you will find this web site useful and interesting.



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