Lonely elderly people and dogs as partners scavengers (孤獨拾荒老人與狗為伴)

1451419_565481396865399_1816072299_nHe is a 67 years-old man. When he was young, he was a farmer. His wife died 30 years ago. His son wandered off 15 years ago. He became a scavenger on the road 10 years ago.

“I picked-up a dog at street years ago. I was alone, and the dog was my partner.” He lamented, “As long as I have a bite to eat, I will give it to my dog.” He said continuously, “There was a noodle shop next to the trash. I picked-up food from trash someone left, and ate myself and feed my dog.”

He can feed the dog a bowl by a bowl, without care around at this moment. In his world, there is only a poor old scavenging man and a dog as his partners…





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