Home-make Dog Food by Infrared Convection Oven


Infrared convection ovens warm and cook food with ease, which makes cooking less complicated. Convection means to move the flow of air around what is being cooked. Convection ovens are popular as an energy-efficient means of roasting and baking because the cooking time needed in the oven is less than that of conventional ovens. The temperature required to fully cook the food is also lower. Food is cooked or heated evenly and no “hot air pockets” form due to a fan circulating the air inside the oven. For cooking, we just need to place food in the oven, setting up temperature and time, and letting the infrared heating light do the rest. The oven set up easily on countertops and help drain away fat and grease from foods, creating healthier dishes than traditional oven or stovetop cooking. With no need to defrost food, we just take something from the freezer and cook it thoroughly with ease.

Personally, I like to use it because its the timesaving features of infrared convection ovens and I can clean it easily in the dishwasher. It is very easy for me to cook delicious steaks, burgers, chicken, vegetables, and fish. My dog especially likes to eat Oyster and fish cooked by convection oven, as below pictures.



20131214_145421 If you cook Oyster without shell, it will become dryer and dog loves it more.





Different convection ovens have varying features that serve different needs, so consumers should learn about the attributes of each one before buying. I recommend you to purchase one to prepare food for your dogs, and you can search them from amazon as below suggested model:

Order Your Convection Oven cooking manual too:

The Halogen Oven Everyday Cookbook

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