Home-make Dog Food by Food Dehydrator

20140406_113027Drying is a good way for food preservation.  Because of the process of gentle drying, an extremely high percentage of nutrients is retained compared to other forms of preserving.  It is a natural process involving no additives, such as preservatives, sugars or salts. Stored in ideal conditions (i.e., in a cool, dark, dry place) it has a long shelf-life and has the advantage of reducing the produce by up to 90% of its original volume. A home food dehydrators enable you to easily dry and preserve fruit, vegetables, meals, meats, soups, delicious snacks and fruit roll-ups, herbs flowers the natural way — quickly and economically — while retaining all the nutrients, natural colour and original flavours.
Recently, I purchased a food dehydrator and started to use it to prepare food for my dog as well as my family, as shown below:
Bananas                                                      Strawberry
IMG-20140404-WA0004  IMG-20140404-WA0002
Pear                                                       Pineapple
IMG-20140404-WA0001 IMG-20140404-WA0000
Broccoli Cheese fish sticks
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A high quality home food dehydrators incorporate advanced technology with a unique heated airflow pattern that ensures fast, accurate, even drying with minimal electricity requirements; and the important is that it should be able to run a long time (e.g. several days) safely.
I advised you to purchase a food dehydrator to make food for your dog. Welcome to select one below:

Order Your Dehydrator cooking manual too:

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