About Greenies Dog Snacks

From Kansas City . Missouri (CNN) February 15, 2006 reported http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/02/14/dangerous.dogtreat/, CNN received from pet owners and veterinarians news that at least 13 dogs being fed the most popular pet snacks after the unfortunate death. The problem lies in something called Greenies of snacks , it will clog your dog’s esophagus or intestine, and some veterinarians indicated that they could not break down .

Reported that , Greenies are unable to digest while stuck in the esophagus or intestine risk starting in 2003 , more than 40 related cases, of which 13 dogs have died. However, the Greenies manufacturer has denied that there is no evidence of the statement, and declared under the proper chewing thoroughly, Greenies can be highly digestibled absolutely, also suggested pet owners to monitor dog chew .

I personally think that dog owners has the responsibility to be fully aware of the use of dog food before giving to a dog. First, if it is the first time to give dog a Greenies bone, the dog owner should monitor its consumption; secondly , to prevent dog eat too fast, and to select a proper size of bone, otherwise it will be dangerous because of eating a large bone without bitten. In addition, if dog does not finish the Greenies eat bone, you can clean with hot water , then put into the refrigerator for next time. I hope these Tips, you can make it safe to use Greenies bone .

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