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Dog Training Information as below:

1. Socializing Puppy

if your puppy is terrified of other dogs and you do not help him through this before his fear period is up, he may be terrified of those other dogs for life. It is the best to train you puppy before 9 week old or as early as possible. << more information >>

2. Socializing Dog Around Human

As dog gets more comfortable with viewing people, you can slowly close the distance between your dog and people. This will build his trust in you and he will become relaxed around people of all sizes, shapes, loudness and movements. << more information >>

3. Training to Control Dog Bark

There are several methods to control the dogs bark, but we should focus on the reasons behind the bark. The main purpose of the training exercise is to let dogs to understand “bark” and “quiet” instruction. <<more information>>

4. Dog Training Video

There are three dog training video to teach you how to train your dog, including tips for dog obedience, stop dog barking, and teach dog site and stand. <<more information>>


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